CMC Joint arthritis

Thumb pain is very common in folks over 50. The most common form of thumb pain hurts at the base of the thumb. Even simple tasks like opening a bottle can hurt badly.

The cause of this type of pain is arthritis of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb. The term CMC arthritis is commonly used.

CMC arthritis is caused by natural aging of the joint between the metacarpal bone that goes to your thumb and a small bone in the wrist that is about the size of a sugar cube.

Thumb pain due to CMC arthritis can be treated with rest, modification of daily activities to lessen the loads put on the sore joint, medications by mouth, topical medications, thumb splint devices, injection, and surgery.

Platelet rich plasma has shown to be a very effective treatment option when properly injected into a very precise location. This treatment option can improve pain and function by using the body’s natural substances to calm inflammation within the small joint at the base of the thumb and surrounding tissues. Click the link below to learn more about this Orthobiologic treatment.