Procedure Instructions for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment


It is vital that you arrive for your procedure very well hydrated. Clear liquids are best for hydration. Try to have enough fluid intake on the day of your procedure that you feel your bladder is full. This is a good indication that you are very well hydrated.

It is not necessary for you to fast before the procedure. We encourage you to not be hungry when you arrive. We suggest that you have a meal or snack that concludes 1 to 2 hours before your procedure.

The night before or the day of your procedure, please bathe thoroughly by using your normal soap.

It is recommended that you stop the use of all anti-inflammatory drugs and/or aspirin five days prior to your procedure. This includes turmeric and omega-3 supplements. If you are on prescription blood thinners, please discuss this with Dr. Jernigan well before your procedure.

A sedative is not required for your procedure. If you have a need for medication to help with anxiety to undergo medical procedures, we ask that you consult with your primary care physician. We do not object to your primary care physician prescribing an anti-anxiety drug for your use.


For best results, we ask that you remain off of anti-inflammatory drugs for 48 hours following the procedure. This also includes aspirin, if acceptable.

Patients are generally able to drive uneventfully soon after the procedure. Though we welcome a companion to accompany you, one is not required. If the procedure is performed for a tendon disorder, most patients will notice some discomfort, such as mild to severe soreness, for up to 24 hours. The pain can be distracting, so plan for light activity the two days following the procedure. You can then pursue your normal daily activity.

It’s not recommended to immobilize the injected area. Movement of the joint will help to decrease any stiffness.